Solavei Cell Phone Coverage Area MapOur partners have invested billions of dollars to develop the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced 4G cell phone network. We offer unlimited 4G nationwide cell phone service coverage that includes unlimited data, text and talk for $49 with no overages or hidden fees. You pay no roaming fees or have to deal with shared data hassles. Talk, text, tweet, and facebook all you want with our plan. Our network coverage area extends throughout the nation. Take a look at our coverage map of Mississippi, from Jackson up to Memphis, below:

Mississippi Cell Phone 4G Unlimited Data Coverage

We are certain that you will be delighted with cell phone service and rates from Southern Cell. Our mobile network partners own the largest 4G network, delivering exceptional coverage for over 220 million people in 200 markets. Now take a look at our mobile coverage area for the South, Midwest, and North Atlantic. As you can see in our map below, we have the Southern US covered including Texas and Florida, and up into Chicago and the Midwest.

Solavei Nationwide 4G Cell Phone Coverage Area Map
The first step towards paying half price on your cell phone bill is to check your exact coverage area. We’re proud to partner with the leading 4G network in the nation and know that you will be fully satisfied with your service.

Please view our interactive cell phone coverage map to make sure we give you the service you need.