Pros and Cons of Joining SolaveiSolavei™ was founded in 2012 with a vision to offer consumers a brand new type of social commerce. The partners at Solavei believe in empowering its membership with all the tools necessary to create a community network giving members access to low-cost, everyday services like cell phones, Internet connectivity and cable. Like any new company, there are pros and cons to joining Solavei.

The Advantages of Joining Solavei through Southern Cell

  • When you join Solavei, you get unlimited data, text and talk on the largest 4G cell phone network for only $49 and no contract.
  • Solavei offers each member the opportunity to earn an extra residual income every month, simply by using and sharing cell phone services with others. You can make a lot of money telling other people about Solavei. In fact, if you sign up nine people, your cell phone bill is paid. The more people you sign up, the more money you earn.
  • With Solavei, the barriers to entry are minimal. You sign up with the Solavei cell phone service for $49 per month and you are officially in business. There are no extra start-up costs, no monthly fees, no franchise fees. Solavei is the perfect home based, part-time business opportunity around.
  • Solavei is a product that everyone uses around the world. It is inexpensive cell phone service – unlimited talk, text and web for $49 with no contract. Solavei is a very easy sell for you.
  • Solavei is the perfect ground floor opportunity. The company is less than a year old and has positioned itself to be one of the leaders in the wireless sector. Instead of spending millions on advertising, Solavei is passing the money it would have spent marketing the company on to its members and has paid millions out already.
  • You don’t have to sign a contract with Solavei cell phone service. You don’t have to buy a phone from Solavei. And, you can keep your same cell phone number with Solavei.
  • You get a free Solavei website to market your cell phone service online. That’s right, Southern Cell will build you a personalized Solavei website for free when you join Solavei through us.

The Cons of Joining Solavei

  • Solavei is a new company, so you can expect some growing pains. However, with a sound business plan and its first-mover advantage, Solavei has positioned itself for long-term success. In fact, Solavei created a blue ocean market strategy by developing a new type of business plan and creating competitive advantage for itself. Whether or not it’s a sustainable competitive advantage remains to be seen. But, by creating this new demand, we believe Solavei offers a wide open opportunity for growth.
  • Many get the first impression that Solavei is a pyramid scheme. It’s not. Solavei is very inexpensive cell phone service first, with the opportunity to earn an extra income second. Solavei is social commerce at its finest. Solavei is a solid company with an brilliant business plan and topnotch executive and management team.
  • Don’t assume that you didn’t join Solavei early enough. Solavei is less than a year old. Think about buying stock in Apple, Microsoft, or Dell when they were less than a year old.

As you can see, the pros of joining Solavei far outweigh the cons. We are very impressed with the company and delighted with our cell phone service, especially unlimited data. Solavei offers one of the most inexpensive cell phone plans around and is free when you tell others about it. You can get in on the ground floor if you join Solavei today.