Make Money With Solavei

Ways to get paid by SolaveiThink about this for a second. Do you ever dream of getting involved in a business on the ground floor? Do you ever think about starting your own business? What about a business with no start-up costs that you can manage in your spare time?

Join us today and earn an unlimited, residual income telling others about our $49 no contract, nationwide 4G network cell phone service with unlimited data, text and talk. We will even build you a free website to promote your new cell phone network business and host it for you!

Get paid $20 each month for every three members you sign up on your cell phone network. Get paid $10 each month for every three members that are signed up by the people you signed up. This is called Trio Pay.

The more people you sign up for our nationwide 4G unlimited data, text and voice cell phone service, the more money you make. You also receive Path Pay between $250 and $20,000 depending on the size of your network.

As your network grows, you advance in rank at Solavei™. When you advance in rank, you earn more money. Also, as your network continues to grow, you receive the right to stock options and the opportunity to become a shareholder in Solavei.
Solavei Debit CardAll money that you earn when you promote Solavei is credited to your personal Solavei Pay Card. You get paid from Solavei every two weeks and your earnings are credited to your Solavei Pay Card immediately.

The Solavei Pay Card can be used anywhere that VISA is accepted. You can use your card for the purchase of goods or services at merchants everywhere or at ATM’s nationwide. You can also withdraw funds surcharge-free at ATM’s on the Allpoint Network.
You start out as a Social Member. Once you have 10 Trios in your personal network, you are promoted in rank to Social Partner. Once you have 18 Trios in your personal network, you are promoted to Social Thousandaire, receiving $1,000 Path Pay per month along with Trio Pay. Once you proceed to Social Connector, you begin to receive Solavei stock options along with extra Path Pay and Trio Pay. It adds up quickly, doesn’t it? The chart below shows how our members advance in rank with Solavei:
How much can you make with Solavei

Solavei is less than a year old right now and is growing exponentially. Not only is the cell phone service wonderful, but the company really wants to change the way we view commerce and make it profitable for everyone. Not only do you get $49 no contract, nationwide 4G cell phone service with unlimited data, text and talk, but you get the opportunity to earn an unlimited income telling people about the service. Learn more about Solavei today and find out all the details about this brand new, ground floor business opportunity.