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Best Cell Phone To Use With Solavei

Best Cell Phones to Use on Solavei

We have the widest selection of the most affordable cell phones on the market. These phones were chosen because they offer the best cell phone service on the Solavei™ nationwide network. All of the cell phones are delivered preset, optimized with proprietary settings and unlocked with the SIM card already installed. Click on any of our cell phones below to get all of the details for the best phones used on the Solavei nationwide 4G network:

Free Solavei Cell Phone
Free Solavei Cell Phones
Use iPhone with Solavei
As you can see, we have the most popular 4G enabled phones on the market. We let our members choose from HTC, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, and, of course, iPhones. Yes, you can use an iPhone with Solavei. You can buy the best cell phone to use with Solavei at Southern Cell.

See all of the cell phones used on our 4G network and learn more about our $49 or free plan here.


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Bring Your Own Cell PhoneUse Your Old Phone With SolaveiWhen you enroll in our plan, you can use your favorite cell phone on our network. Just make sure it is an unlocked GSM cell phone. There is no need to buy a new phone! You get to keep the same phone with all of your contacts and settings intact. Then, all you do is add one of our SIM cards to the phone and you’re done. It’s really that simple! Use your same cell phone with Solavei, keep your same cell phone number with Solavei. How convenient is that?

Check to see if your cell phone is compatible with the Solavei phone network.

Solavei 4G Cell Phone Coverage Map

Solavei Cell Phone Coverage Area MapOur partners have invested billions of dollars to develop the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced 4G cell phone network. We offer unlimited 4G nationwide cell phone service coverage that includes unlimited data, text and talk for $49 with no overages or hidden fees. You pay no roaming fees or have to deal with shared data hassles. Talk, text, tweet, and facebook all you want with our plan. Our network coverage area extends throughout the nation. Take a look at our coverage map of Mississippi, from Jackson up to Memphis, below:

Mississippi Cell Phone 4G Unlimited Data Coverage

We are certain that you will be delighted with cell phone service and rates from Southern Cell. Our mobile network partners own the largest 4G network, delivering exceptional coverage for over 220 million people in 200 markets. Now take a look at our mobile coverage area for the South, Midwest, and North Atlantic. As you can see in our map below, we have the Southern US covered including Texas and Florida, and up into Chicago and the Midwest.

Solavei Nationwide 4G Cell Phone Coverage Area Map
The first step towards paying half price on your cell phone bill is to check your exact coverage area. We’re proud to partner with the leading 4G network in the nation and know that you will be fully satisfied with your service.

Please view our interactive cell phone coverage map to make sure we give you the service you need.

We Offer the Lowest Cell Phone Rates

Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill with SolaveiSouthern Cell is committed to helping people save money on their everyday cell phone service. Make the decision today to stop paying over $100 a month on your cell phone bill and get the opportunity to make money telling others about our plan.

There is a definite need in the market for cheaper cell phone rates. Since everyone wants unlimited data, along with text and talk, the average cell phone bill is fast approaching $100 a month. There aren’t many people who can afford cell phone bills that cost that much. We found a way to cut your cell phone bills in half. See below for a comparison of our cell phone rates to some of the other cell phone providers in our area:

Mississippi Cell Phone Rates

That’s right, Southern Cell is offering a no contract, nationwide 4G network cell phone service with unlimited data, text and voice. You can use your old phone with our service. You can even use the same number you had with your old phone! Their are no overages or hidden fees on our cell phones. There is no long term contract or roaming fees. No hassles, no problems.

And, the best part is, instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising, we make it possible for you to lower your cell phone bill or even make money every month, just for sharing our cell phone service with others. We even give our members a free website to help tell others about our services.

Southern Cell has teamed with the largest 4G cell phone network to offer our members one of the lowest cell phone rates in the US and a way to make money telling others about our service. That’s right, you make money when you tell people about us! Find out more about Southern Cell and check to see if our service is available in your area. Enroll today to get started immediately or learn more.

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